Urbana Plumbing & Heating Inc.
 IL LIC# 058-104233
  1. Kitchen
    Repair and Installation of...... -Kitchen Sinks and Faucets -Garbage Disposals -Dishwasher installation -Ice maker Hookup -Piping and leak repair
  2. Bathroom
    Repair and Installation of...... -Bathtubs and Faucets -Bathtub and shower surrounds -Sinks and Faucets -Vanity and tops -Toilets -Piping and leak repair
  3. Water Heaters
    Repair and Installation of..... -Gas and Electric water heaters -Piping and leak repair.
  4. Other Services
    Repair and Installation of..... -Appliance hookup -Sewage Ejectors -Gas Lines -Outside Water Faucets -Water Service Repair -Leak Repair -Sump Pumps -Clogged sinks and toilets
  5. Bathroom & Kitchen Remodels
    Complete Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels
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